Alguns artigos 'repescados' (inglês)

Music is a part of most people's everyday lives. But the more specific techniques of music therapy can help individuals deal not only with stress, but perhaps with more serious issues as well.
The Music we listen to, sing, and dance to, has the power to heal. Find out if Music Therapy is right for you.
The music you choose may not always be the same as what you usually listen to. Music can help patients with pain, depression, anxiety and stress.
For women and men who are victims of domestic violence, it is quite common to develop low self esteem. Using music therapy, many victims find recovery.
What does a music therapist do? Find out everything you need to know about starting a career as a music therapist
For elderly patients, the use of music therapy provides for a method by which to resolve some of the complications associated with aphasia.
Music Therapy literally means the use of music by a trained music therapy professional to improve the social development, cognitive development and self awareness of the people. It helps people, mainly children and adolescents to express their feelings freely.

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