Music Therapy Activities for the Elderly

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"In the photograph above, an elder steps into the arena as the masquerades are about to go for rest. During this interval, a musical interlude is provided specially for the elderly. We can see a snatch of this in the photograph below as an elder takes over the dance."
There are so many prejudices associated with aging all over the world. While in the Western world efforts are constantly being made to establish old peoples’ homes and nursing homes for geriatric purposes, the desired attention is yet to be drawn to this concept in Nigeria. Nigerian communities which used to be known for communal lifestyle seem to have jettisoned it as a result of acculturation. Today, the aged live with their kinsmen in the various societies without much attention given to them. Sometimes they are even seen as sources of threats, as when they are accused of spiritually having evil hands in the death of younger contemporaries in the society. It is against this backdrop that this paper surveys the use of music for geriatric purposes in the previous epochs in Esan and suggests a continuum of this practice so that fruitful years could be added to the lives of the aged in Esan.
Aluede, Charles O. & Omoera, Osakue Stevenson (2010). Learning from the Past in Organising Music Therapy Activities for the Elderly in Esan, Edo State of Nigeria. Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy. Retrieved March 15, 2010, from http://www.voices.no/mainissues/mi4001099030.php
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