Feliz Aniversário!

 E já agora, as últimas notícias no site da Associação Americana de Musicoterapia (American Music Therapy Association)
Pay your 2011 AMTA Membership onlineLog in with the email address you provided to the national office and use Password1 the first time you log in.  After that, you'll be prompted to created a new unique password. Or if you're new to AMTA, create a new account at the Login screen.
AMTA is now on Facebook! Go to www.facebook.com/AMTAInc and "like" the page to get updates in your news feed. 
AMTA is also on Twitter!  Follow us at @AMTAInc
New AMTA.pro symposium: Music for my Micro-Preemie Daughter by Robin Spielberg
New issue of Music Therapy Matters, Volume 13, No. 3 is now online!
Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Rehabilitation Act with this AMTA Member-only resource: American Rehabilitation Summer 2010
The 2010 AMTA Conference: click here for more information
AMTA's Early Childhood Newsletter is now Imagine, an online magazine
AMTA's 2009 Annual Report - see what membership in AMTA supports!
Check out the special feature on music therapy in the April 4th Parade Magazine, "Healing Sick Kids Through Music"
Help looking for a job or improving your employment in AMTA's Job Center.
Order books, gifts & the new Research Flash Drive in the Products section

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