Arctura IBS (TM)

"Art of Pop has just released Arctura IBS(TM), a neuro-audiovisual module designed to induce intensive brain stimulation. Arctura IBS(TM) expresses an Universal Logic, as Sequences of light and sound that optimally entrain or realign/rewire the brain. Similar to binaural beat technology, but on a much higher order and a great deal less restrictive. Arctura IBS(TM) is designed primarily as a dynamic therapy for persons living with cognitive impairment, brain trauma, autism and other conditions alleviated by high levels of mentally stimulating activity. When you have one of those conditions, getting up and out and into high levels of mentally stimulating activity on a consistent basis is very challenging, to say the least. Arctura IBS(TM) is a fix for that!

Just sitting and watching the Logic progress in corresponding and synchronized light and sound Sequences, the brain is highly stimulated and awakened into remarkably higher levels of functionality. Arctura IBS(TM) acts universally, enhancing the whole brain, ergo the whole person, also boosting immune response. Arctura IBS(TM) enables heightened (if not fairly normal) levels of cognitive and ambulatory function for persons who are so impaired (and who favorably respond to such therapy.) Elevating IQ and comprehensively enhancing mental focus, Arctura IBS(TM) is a great boost for persons us who are cognitively fully functional and simply wish to be more so.

In these busy, mentally stressful times, Arctura IBS(TM) is right on Time. Stop by and check it out; Arctura IBS(TM), unlocking the brain's capacity to heal itself!

Arctura IBS(TM): http://www.artofpop.com/arctura

Ultimate health and wellness to you all." (medicalmusictherapy@yahoogroups.com)

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