Grata pela referência : ) | Thanks Kimberly Sena Moore

É sempre bom sermos alvo de atenção positiva de outros, da área, no caso : )
"I thought it may help if I provide you with a list of services and products I use on a regular basis. Some are related to “working” online (e.g. having a website, using social media, etc.), some are books I’ve read, and others are products I use as a therapist (e.g. my audio and video recorders). I will continue to add to this Resource page as I learn about, use, and love new products and services. Enjoy!
The products and services listed below are ones that I know, have used, and endorse. There are some items on here that contain affiliate links, but they’re not on here because of that–they’re included as a Resource because I have used them and like them. Where possible, I also include a link to the article that reviews the product or service. (...)" (LER NA ÍNTEGRA)

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